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For you, among our current staff or candidates in our portfolio  We bring you together with the professionals most suitable for your company in line with your needs.


As Sagamont, we promise to present you with at least three candidates with suitable profiles until the application deadline, with precise needs analysis, fast and uncomplicated communication and a transparent process.


Personalized recruitment strategy

We offer you the right candidate and company for you with our customized recruitment strategy, company and personnel network, active resources on social networks, online marketing campaigns, online and offline job postings and career fairs.


Fast and efficient solution

We usually submit the first candidates within a few days. The entire recruitment process with us takes less than three months on average.

So far we have successfully filled the following production machinery and other industry positions:


  • Electronics engineer

  • Design engineer

  • Automation Engineer

  • Project manager

  • Manufacturing engineer

  • Project engineer

  • Mechanical Technician

  • Electrician

  • Welder

  • Pipe Fitter

  • Engineers in the Field of Ventilation Technology

  • Engineers Working in the Field of Renewable Energy

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